The peak council for organisations representing retired civilian and military public sector workers

ACPSRO was formed in 1997 as a peak body to give a united and therefore greater voice to the retirement issues relevant to Commonwealth / State / Territory public servants and Defence retirees.

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Our key issues are outlined in our current Position Paper (January 2023).  The subject matters we monitor are listed in our OUR ISSUES list (below right).

Also see our Latest News for any current hot issues.  Recent new items relate to:

– Unfair Treatment of Defined Benefit Pensions and proposed Treasury Laws Amendment (Better Targeted Superannuation Concessions and Other Measures) Bill 2023

– The Great Superannuation Debate – February 2023

– Adequacy of Income Support Arrangements for Defined Benefit Superannuants

– New Support at Home program (see Aged Care below)

– Update on the Future Fund;

– new SA Superannuants arrangements; and

– the  Cost of Improving Australia’s Aged Care System

The 2022 Federal General Election

ACPSRO released an Action and Policy paper that formed the basis of its lobbying activities leading up to the election.

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Our Focus

Our focus is representing former Australian Government (Federal, State and Territory) employees, including Defence members,  and their families.

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Our Efforts

We make representations to government and relevant government authorities, either by written representations, meeting with politicians, and by making submissions to relevant Government inquiries.   You can read about our past achievements here, and read our past submissions and our more recent efforts here.

Our archived previous website is worth keeping for historical purposes.  See it here.

Our Achievements

We are proud of the achievements that ACPSRO and its member organisations have achieved.  Read more here !