Defined Benefit Pensions

UNFAIR TREATMENT OF DEFINED BENEFIT PENSIONS AND THE TREASURY LAWS AMENDMENT (BETTER TARGETED SUPERANNUATION CONCESSIONS AND OTHER MEASURES) BILL 2023 At the time the Committee was seeking submissions with respect to this Bill, the regulations relating to how the Bill would apply to defined benefit pensions were not available.  They were not made available by the … Read more

Superannuation Concessions – ACPSRO Submission April 2023

The Commonwealth Government requested comment from interested stakeholders on the issues raised in its discussion paper on Better targeting of superannuation concessions which was released on 31 March 2023. A link to our submission can be found on our page Defined Benefit Pensions Discussion Paper July 2023.

The Great Superannuation Debate

Readers will be aware of the current debate following reports that the Government is wanting to initiate a public discussion about aspects of superannuation that need attention. There are some background articles that ACPSRO have found relevant: That article includes what may have triggered Treasurer Chalmer’s recent comments…. That is “the objective of super is … Read more


ADEQUACY OF INCOME SUPPORT TO DEFINED BENEFIT SUPERANNUANTS There are over one million households that are impacted by decisions which affect older Australians who receive defined benefit pensions. It is generally perceived that public sector and Defence retirees have generous pensions. However, in reality, a significant proportion also depend upon a full or part age … Read more


The South Australian Executive Committee of Public Sector Superannuants has agreed to hold regular member meetings in Melbourne to enable participation by its new Victorian members in determining retirement issue priorities. Superannuation Advisory Group SA Superannuants is soon to become PS Superannuants, the Association of Public Sector Superannuants. We are a voluntary, independent, not for … Read more

The Cost of improving the Aged Care System

  The Federal Government has responded to the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Aged Care by accepting 126 of its 148 recommendations.  The ACPSRO discussion paper The Cost of Improving Australia’s Aged Care System expands on issues relating .. click on the heading above to read more !.

Jobseeker and the CPI

JOBSEEKER and the CPI – a short note from ACPSRO – March 2021 When the Government announced an increase of $25 per week for the JobSeeker allowance it was widely excoriated by multiple experts and interest groups as being completely inadequate. Much was written to demonstrate this. On the other hand, you may be more … Read more